Chemical Anchor Studs - CAS

Steel, Zinc Plated / Stainless Steel A4 - 316

Chemical Anchor Studs



The Chemical Anchor Stud CAS is a chisel ended anchor. It is used with any of our injection systems and glass capsules in masonry and concrete. On installation the stud becomes chemically bonded to the base material. Notably the ­fixing method imposes no expansion stress on the base material, and is ideal for shock or vibratory loading and for softer or low density building materials where expansion stresses would normally result in failure. The method also gives exceptional performance for close centre and close to edge fi­xing. The nut may be removed and replaced without affecting the anchorage. The chemical anchor CAS is supplied complete with high tensile hex nut and plain washer in addition to one external hex drive adapter in each box.

Chemical Anchor Studs
Varient External Hex Drive, Material Steel Zinc Plated
zinc plated


Chemical Anchor Studs

Chemical Anchor Studs

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