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Epoxy Acrylate

Chemical Capsule - Supercap



The chemical capsule CCS is a high performance rapid cure. Spin-in chemical anchor system is based on optimum measured proportions of high strength epoxy acrylate resin, chemical activator and quartz aggregate sealed in a glass capsule. It is a fast install, simple to use system requiring no special tools and provides high strength stress free anchoring in concrete and solid masonry. The system operates by spinning a chisel ended anchor stud using the required drive adaptor through the capsule using a rotary hammer drill which crushes and mixes the contents in the drill hole and initiates the curing process, the stud is left in position to fully cure and from a high strength bond which is stronger than the base material. Capsule sizes are drill hole specific from M8 to M30 diameters. The system can be used with longer than standard threaded bars combined with multiple down hole capsules, studs should be cut chisel ended and separate drive adapters are available for connection to a drilling machine.

Base Material

The system is designed for static and dynamic heavy duty anchoring of anchor studs Into vertical and horizontal drill holes in reinforced and non-reinforced concrete, solid masonry, rock and stone.


• Rapid cure
• Consistent load behavior
• Suitable for static and dynamic loading
• Fast and simple to install
• Vibrant Resistant
• Imparts no expansion stresses on the base material
• Usable in wet drill holes (requires longer cure time)
• Drill hole cleanliness not as critical as injection systems
• High-performance resin guarantees high loads in the base material
• The resin anchoring is free of expansion forces and permits low axial spacing and edge distances
• Flush finish, no projecting bolt after dismanting the fixture.

Variant spin-in two component glass capsule, Material epoxy acrylate
product code

Larger anchoring depths are possible with the use of more than one capule

super cab glass



Primarily used where anchor consistency is required and injection resin use would be prohibitive or inconvenient. Due to the viscous nature chemical capsule CCS is not suitable for overhead installations or perforated and hollow substrates.


• Drill hole to correct diameter and depth, diamond cored drill holes should be roughened prior to installation
• Clean drill hole thoroughly using wire brush / blow and remove all dust using a blow out pump or airline
• Place the capsule in the drill hole ensuring fitting is below the surface
• Attach the driver to the anchor stud, fit the drill and drive through the capsule until the stud reaches the base of the hole or the depth marker on the stud is
• Detach the drive tool and leave stud undisturbed until cured and then attach fixture and torque to required setting

Typical performance data at standard embedment depth

 Typical Curing Time
base meterial tempreature

Blow out pump BP

Accessories for drill hole cleaning
Blow out pump BP


The hand operated blow out pump BP is for drill hole cleaning prior to anchor installation.

 Variant Hand Operated
 Material ABS

Important note
Performance based on clean holes - Hammer drilled - blown and then brushed with a still metal brush & blown

Cleaning Brush CB

Cleaning Brush CB


Wire brush CB is for thorough cleaning and hole preparation

 Variant Hand Operated
 Material Steel Body and Head
Product code

SDS Plus 12mm Chuck adaptor & Setting Tools

SDS Plus

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