Chemical Mortars - CM350VESF

Vinleyster Styrene Free



The CM350VESF is a high performance rapid curing styrene free low odor two component chemical. Chemical injection anchoring system based on a high reactivity unsaturated vinylester resin in methacrylate monomers. The side-by-side cartridge format comprises of a resin and hardening agent in separate internal compartments which are mixed to the correct proportions in the delivery nozzle when triggered using the required manual dispenser.

Base Material

Base Material Recommended for use in reinforced and non-reinforced concrete, rock and stone. It also provides a higher grade bond than standard epoxy acrylate resin in solid masonry, hollow brick-work and pre-cast (requires suitable sleeve) with minimal shrinkage.


• Non Flammable.
• Non hazardous environmentally friendly low odor.
• Extreme heat and high chemical resistance.
• High load values in concrete and masonry for medium to heavy duty applications.
• Imparts no expansion stresses on the base material.
• Suitable for close to edge and reduced anchor center fixing.
• Usable in damp and wet environment and submerged drill holes.
• Rapid cure
• Vibration resistant
• Corrosion resistant

 Variant 350 co-axial 10.1 ratio cartridge ,  Material Vinlester Styrene Free

Chemical Anchor Studs Installation

Chemical Anchor Studs Installation

Chemical Anchor Studs Installation

Dispenser DM 300 - Steel body and mechanism

Chemical Guns

The professional dispenser DM300 for use with chemical mortar cartridges CM300PESF, CM300EASF & CM350VESF

 Variant 300ml 10:1 ratio cartridge,  Material Steel body and mechanism

Chemical Anchor Accessories
Blow out pump BP

Accessories for drill hole cleaning
Blow out pump BP


The hand operated blow out pump BP is for drill hole cleaning prior to anchor installation.

 Variant Hand Operated
 Material ABS

Important note
Performance based on clean holes - Hammer drilled - blown and then brushed with a still metal brush & blown

Cleaning Brush CB

Cleaning Brush CB


Wire brush CB is for thorough cleaning and hole preparation

 Variant Hand Operated
 Material Steel Body and Head
Product code

Mixer Nozzle MN - Plastic

Mixer Nozzle


Spare mixer nozzle for use with chemical mortar cartridges CM300PESF, CM300EASF, CM380EASF, CM350VESF, CM380VESF & CM400PE

 Variant CO-axial
 Material Plastic
product code


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