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The home of Indo Construction Fastening Systems, Inc. From day one, the focus of Indo-Spark Construction Services has been to provide the right product on time to keep the job moving. Many companies like to talk about their service, we feel it's better to simply provide the best service and let our customers talk about it.

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ICFS Chemical Guns

ICFS Chemical Dispenser Rebaring Caulking Guns

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ICFS Chemical Capsules

Chemical Capsules

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ICFS Chemical Anchor Studs

ICFS Chemical Anchor Bolts with Hex Nuts & Plain Washers

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ICFS Mechanical Anchors

ICFS Wedge Anchor Bolts with Nuts and Washers

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ICFS 1k Assembly Polyurethane Expansion Crack / Gap Filling PU Foam Spray

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ICFS Nylon Frame Anchors

ICFS Nylon Frame Anchors and plugs

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