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ICFS Polyurethane PU Foam and Dispensing Gun Cleaner 500 ml

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  • Attaches to any series of Polyurethane PU Foam Dispensing gun
  • Use push-to-spray nozzle on can to clean up uncured foam from various surfaces
  • Creates air & moisture tight seal between can and Dispensing Gun
  • High efficiency leads to Prolonged life of the foam gun
  • Cleans both 1-component and 2-component uncured foam.

ICFS Polyurethane Foam Gun Cleaner is designed to dissolve and remove uncured polyurethane foam. It is the multi-function cleaner which is used to clean inside surface of PU foam gun by attaching the gun and it can also be sprayed on to clean outside surfaces. Thoroughly clean the smooth metal tip to ensure you'll be able to use this tool later in the day and on future projects. Use this Foam Gun Cleaner to flush foam from the barrel of your foam gun immediately after use so that your gun can be clean and ready to use again. ICFS Polyurethane PU Foam Cleaner is fitted with an adapter ring which screws on to the gun. For use without the gun, the can is fitted with a spray head. This dual function means provides the flexibility to be used by both the occasional and professinal user.

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